Supporting the Parish

Supporting the Parish

The many ways that you can support the Parish and its mission.

There are many ways that you can help in supporting the Parish in its mission. From the spiritual to the physical everyone has a role to play in helping support and develop all that there is to be done within our local church parish. This is just an initial list which will be added to and with more details added for each. Much to consider.

Direct Support

  • Come to Mass (If you don't already do so!)
  • Pray for the people of the Parish
  • Sign up for Gift Aid
  • Join the 500 Club
  • Join the Parish Committee
  • Join the Hall Committee
  • Become an Altar Server
  • Become a Reader at Mass
  • Assist with Church cleaning 
  • Volunteer your skills & time for Parish activities
  • Donations & Bequests

Indirect Support

  • Visit those who are homebound
  • Support our local community groups in their work
  • Encourage others to come to Mass
  • Talk about your faith with others
  • Pray for vocations to the Franciscan Order